The Journey Within

meditationOver the years,  a lot has been said about the Inner Work.  This part of your personal journey can not be underestimated.  Without doing the work, you will continue to repeat mistakes from your past.  Either your past lives, or your past in this lifetime.

What has become clear, is the importance of connecting with your Inner Self and healing those parts of you that prevent you from being in loving relationship and union.

There are many Healers and Guides who can help you to do this. Some of these Souls show up in your life as people who challenge you, ironically, these are the Souls who provide you with huge opportunity to grow!

When you think of your relationships with others as the mirrors that reflect back to you who you really are, when someone shows up who triggers negatives within you, then this is an indicator of the work that you need to complete.  We often think these are the people we must avoid at all cost.

Instead of running away from this person, look within and ask yourself in the moment “Where have I been like this?”  “What is this person showing me about myself?”  When you are able to connect with the truth that is being shown you, there in that space, you grow.  It doesn’t mean you have to continue a relationship with that person, it just means there is an opportunity for you to heal a part of yourself that you haven’t been aware of that needs healing and can begin to love that part of yourself in a way you haven’t been able to before.

There is so much to learn about yourself when you are in union with your beloved.  The challenges, the good days the not so good days.  Each of you have a responsibility to yourself and to the other, to bring your best self to the scene.  How do you do that when you haven’t had a model in your life that shows you how?

We are in a beautiful time in our evolution.  There is so much wisdom being shared online right now.  Many people across the globe are reaching into themselves and providing the growth for the planet.  As we grow as individuals, we help heal the planet.  As we grow in our relationships, our energy is multiplied and we can do even greater things to soothe our Souls and Heal the World.

Open up to yourself.  Delve deep within. Seek guidance from your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self.  When you take time to quieten your mind, powerful conversations can occur.  For you to hear these conversations, you must give yourself the space to feel into your own Higher Intelligence.

At first, you may want to run way from yourself.  There have been times when we have tried to run away from ourselves and medicated our bodies with alcholol, drugs and other addictive behaviours.  Taking time out to connect withYou, is essential for the betterment of your personal experience and for your relationship not only with your Twin, but also with other people in your life.

We thank those who have come forward to share their wisdom, experience and knowledge of their Twin Flame journey.  This has helped us grow as individuals as well as Soul Healers.

Our work has just begun. Our work is not complete yet.  We are here for our own personal evolution and we are here for the healing of the Soul of the World.

Becoming aware of this has been painful to a certain degree, but it has also been enlightening to know that we are here to serve a Higher Purpose.

We connected Spritually.  We connected Energetically.  Then we connected Physically.  We were not equipped, until now, with the necessary knowledge and wisdom to survive and thrive in our union.  Only when the separation occured did this information show up.  This is perfect.

We now have what we need to grow even further, and learn to love each other in ways we weren’t able to before.  Our Love for ourselves, then our love for each other, then our love for the Planet.  This is why we have come together in this physical lifetime.