lakeandmountainsMeditate.  Heal.  Go Within.

Wisdom received many years ago.  Practiced yet not fully experienced.  Stepping into once again.  Darkness becomes light.

Soul path.  Soul journey.  Meeting friends along the way who connect in ways others do not.  Opening to receive, can be joyful, can also be painful.  Being present, words used a great deal in these times of awakening, more to be said about that than can never be fully appreciated until actually accomplished.

Sitting still.  Fidgeting.  Frustrated with self and unable to calm the busy mind.  Beating self up mentally and emotionally.  Prevents the love from within to radiate around.  Calmness ensues eventually, once the mind can be quietened.


Button mushrooms.  Oh, that got your attention.  Yes, it’s not when everything is going swimmingly that you transform.  It is when things happen out of the blue, unexpectedly.  Not to run away from.  To walk towards and become friends with.

Jesus spoke about loving everyone.  How easy it is to love those who are nice and kind to you.  But those who irritate you and create tension, frustration and irksomeness, they are the ones who challenge your love.  This is when you realise the greatness of Love.

Listening to wise ones, helps you when you’re someone who is seeking answers.  Listening and reading books that provide stories and information of true transformation and loveing acceptance.  Also, sitting still and listening to Soul speak softly to you.  This information can become your source of inspiration.

When you allow yourself the time and space to hear this information, then take the action you’ve been inspired to take.  Then you will fully experience the true magnificence of the Higher Realms.

You know they are there.  You know the truth speaks to you from this place.  Yet, you avoid it.  You stay away from it.  It can’t be this easy surely.  To sit still.  Breathe.  Relax and listen.  Surely not.  This was not what we were brought up to believe.  We were brought up to believe we must work hard, be diligent and struggle.

Yet.  When allowing takes place and a calm ensues. You are free.  You are You.