Healing During Separation

prayerInitially the separation felt unreal.  After a while it became real.  The emotions experienced were mainly lower vibration.  This became clear through reading, meditation and prayer.  Love can not be expressed or experienced from this place.

It has become clear that the purpose of this separation is for complete healing to take place for both individuals.  This is an unexpected turnaround.

Soul requires complete healing and reconnection.  Unless the healing takes place, it is unlikely.

What has been shown is the need for Self Love. This is an opportunity to sit quietly.  This is an opportunity to feel the emotions and work through them.  Not to run away from them.  Not to feel afraid of them.  Not to ignore them.  Not to pretend they are not being experienced.

This is a time for Real Healing.  For really going inward and facing the darkness, sitting in the shadows and waiting.  Something most people avoid.  This is to be avoided at all costs because it is so painful. Yet it is the one thing that will bring about the healing and the feeling of self love that is so needed in this Union.

bridgeoverstreamThoughts are brought to the wonderful film “What Dreams May Come.”  A film with Robin Williams.  It deals with death and what happens afterwards.  It shows the possibilities that true love can create.  It is poignant in its simplicity.  Colourful, humorous, emotional.  It highlights the strength required to get through the darkness and into the light.

Sitting with these emotions, when the desire is to feel good, to feel love, to feel joy,  seems counterintuitive.  Yet, somehow, there is great comfort in feeling the truth of them.  There is no anger, there is no hatred, there is no resentment.  There is only Love.  Yet how can that be, when you are both separated?

Sitting in meditation yesterday, still, silent, breathing and being.  A desperate wanting to run away.  A feeling of yearning, longing.  Wanting to make sense of a seemingly senseless situation.  Answers began to show up.

The message received this is a period that is meant to happen.  This is a period that is predestined.  This is a period that has been God given.  God gave us this relationship.  God wants us to make sure we are the truth of who we are in Union.  God wants us to nurture it and to long for it, so that when we resume in togetherness, we will take care of it.  God wants us to be a Beacon of Love for others.  We will look after it in ways that were not possible before, because it was taken for granted.  It felt so good for so long.  So this separation needed to occur.

Doesn’t make it any easier.  Doesn’t make the pain any less.

Stepping into the truth of this mission to Be Love and demonstrate love.  This is why we are here and why we are paired.

The work is done in Union as well as in Separation.

There is no separation.

eagleTrust that God is guiding everything.  All is well.  All is working out for His Divine plan.  He knows what he is doing.  He trusts that we will do what we are here to do.  He needs to make His voice heard.

The inner journey is required to deepen the understanding.  To deepen the experience.  To really know the fullness of this Mission.

To be able to Love one another, Self Love is essential.  To be able to receive Love from another.  Self Love is essential.  Not a false sense of self love.  A Real Self Love.  What does that look and feel like if it has never been experienced?  How can it be felt and experienced?  How will it become clear that Self Love is the new way of being if one does not recognise it?  How will it feel?

Lifting up our hearts to God to seek answers.  Asking God for guidance.  Asking God to show the way.  Asking God to teach what  needs to be learned.  Asking God for the courage to go through this in service of others.  Thanking God for trusting Us with this work.  Trusting Us to do what He needs Us to do.

Love Myself as He Loves Me!

Love Yourself as he Loves You!