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Ongoing Healing

Over the last four years, the DF has experienced a deep dive into the self. From the perspective of ego, soul, conditioning and programming; a realisation occurred that the search for answers came from the mind.

The ego needed to understand what happened. The ego demanded and desired answers to help make sense of everything.

The heart just wanted to be loved.

The heart was bereft of comfort for so long and the ego was behind it all along. This understanding came from a place of wanting and needing to heal. The heart had become so broken, so damaged that it cried out to be held. In this space of time, the body and mind took over the role of becoming busy. Being busy helped distract the heart from the depth of pain that it wanted and needed to heal. It kept the heart distracted to avoid the pain. In so doing, the attempt to protect prolonged the eventuality of acceptance.

The process involved in coming to the place of acceptance  is unique to everyone. The time lapse is dependent on the depth of sincerity, authenticity, honesty and truthfulness with the self.  Each moment spent in solitude and quietness allows the heart space to breathe. Each moment spent away from silence and stillness prevents the heart from experiencing the sanctuary and safety of the internal home.

The period of externally imposed isolation forced the human self to look at the aspects that were avoided for so long.  A chance to work in therapy to discuss things in detail helped process the emotional and mental self.  Working it out with the help of a qualified other gave the self time and space to explore and uncover new previously unconsidered possibilities.  Taking brave steps towards the DM and attempting to reach out after experiencing many connections and encounters in the astral plane, provided the DF with a new experience of courage.  With each step, she discovered a new awareness of the self.

heart and brain that walk hand in hand, concept of health of walking

Connecting with her own soul, the DF realised more and more that the truth lay within and the work involved was about building a greater more self-loving relationship. Recognising the internal conflict between head and heart now allowing space for the conversation to take place with the self.

A breakthrough.

Stepping back to continue with work started before and developed during union, other opportunities began to emerge.  Reaching out to the healers once again to see how they were doing as they hadn’t been visible for a while.  They began to share more about their work and their personal journey. Their shares provided reassurance and inspiration.

Making the connection deeper with the self more discoveries emerged. Sharing personally within the therapeutic relationship, the DF began to see how she wasn’t valuing herself and had beaten herself up over the “mistakes.”

  • Giving from an empty bowl.
  • Giving to others before giving to the self.
  • Giving to others in the hope that this would bring love.
  • Giving to others as this is what worldly religions and teachings had taught.
  • Giving to others because this is the conditioning the world teaches.

Realising and hearing for the first time that to give to others before giving to the self is indeed selfish.

Once hearing this many years ago and rejecting what was spoken.
Racing around trying to help everyone else and leaving the self last is what has created and embedded the sense of abandonment. Discovering how the programming of pleasing others and putting everyone else’s needs above the self is what has helped drive this dependency on being needed even further into the self.

New questions!
What shall the DF do now that she has accepted it is over? How will the days be spent? What new pastime will fill the days? The Akashic realm fills the subconscious with luscious dreams of blissful union and proposals. Purple and pink constellations float across the sky as they gaze together and share moments of serenity.
Therapeutic support has offloaded the weight the DF had carried for four years on her shoulders, creating a tension and pain. Releasing the burden once taken on as 100% responsibility and now understanding the co-creation.
Living in a bubble of bliss to ease the potential deepening of pain to avoid the inevitable moment of acceptance and surrender. True surrender. Not surrender of the situation. Not surrender of the relationship. Surrender of the control to make anything happen. Surrender of knowing. Surrender of having. The surrender of the desire to reconnect. The surrender of the desire to reunite. The surrender of the desire to reconcile. The surrender of the desire to resolve. The surrender of the desire to heal. The surrender of the desire to live in union. The surrender of the desire to speak once more and to understand what really happened. Perhaps the DM doesn’t even know. The DF has waited patiently. The DF has waited impatiently. The DF has waited and waited and waited. The waiting has provided space to experience life without the DM on the material plane and this DF has discovered a new relationship with herself.

Letting go. Letting God.  Letting Divine spirit flow through. Breezing easy. Life is to be enjoyed. Life is to be experienced. Freedoms once taken for granted are currently being taken away. Life has taken on a new hue. Living through enforced isolation, created space to go further within. Initially this was embraced. At first it was freeing. The enforcedness of it became intense. The intensity increased and fire of rage burned. As the intensity of the fire burned the DF felt compelled to write to her DF. Not intending to send, merely to express. Once expressed, the fire reduced and cooled to a glowing ember.
Once again, a peace ensued – loving harmony returned and the inner being became restful.

New information received and returning once again to the scene of the crime, the DF is now able to look at things with a new lens.  Opening herself up to the possibility of really healing from ancestral wounds,  Childhood wounds.  This lifetime wounds.  Letting go and letting in, receiving and feeling at peace once again.  Until the next round!

Discovering Self on the Journey to Union!

In The Beginning…

When the separation began, it felt like an insurmountable task had befallen the Divine Feminine.  As mentioned in previous communication, many teachers appeared to guide this Twin to where she needed to be.

LakshmiAlong the way, a discovery emerged, which aided the spiritual growth and strength to keep going.  Card readers of all sorts showed up.  Each offering insight into what was going on for both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Listening to Others…

At first, the Divine Feminine devoured every word and listened to every reading to gain clarity on Herself and her Beloved.  It became confusing after a while and eventually less readers were listened to.

Narrowing her viewing to selected readers and guides, she reached out to some of the teachers for support for her own journey.  In one unexpected communication, she heard a message that would provide her with the inner strength to finally step into Mission.

This message came from Ten of Cups Ministries.  It encouraged her to trust her own Spirit Guides and Teams, as this is where she would ultimately receive the right guidance and wisdom she was seeking for her Unique Sacred Union with her Divine Counterpart.  Something she had not yet allowed herself to do.


Unanticipated Turnaround…

This message was a significant turnaround for her, as she was then able to let go of some of the wisdom that was being channeled through others.  Her initial trepidation turned into courage, which then turned into a deep desire to step into her Mission to help others on their journey into Union.

Tentatively, she began to share some insights she received.  Always respectful of and grateful for the incredible teachers and readers she had encountered along the way, she sometimes shared with her subscribers, messages from those who continued to resonate with her.

Stepping Into Mission…

One evening, she heard a m5dconnectionessage from the Divine during meditation.  She was called to share it and did so with a sense of wonder.  Letting others hear her story, albeit incognito, helped her to create space for herself and her Twin.  This opened the door for more information to be shared and encounters with readers started to happen.

She started to trust her own readings and began to select cards for herself.  This created such comfort and knowledge about the journey, which had previously caused so much confusion.

Dreams became clearer, which led the Divine Feminine to understand the Union was continuing in 5th Dimension.  Something difficult to comprehend at first, was now becoming real.  The connection was as strong as ever if not more so than before!


All Is Well…

DFinUnionwithSelfandDivineThe much needed reassurance from her Beloved, that all is well and that they were always connected, supported her to keep going.  This was gratefully received as it helped her with her every day existence, which was often challenging!

Day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, she steadily grew in confidence in her role in the Ascension process.  Her spiritual connection with the Divine grew and situations occurred to help guide her along the way to deepening her relationship with God!

As this relationship grew, her dreams became more lucid.  Her writing had not been as regular as it once was, knowing that her pain had somewhat subsided.  In its place, an introspective journey had begun. The Divine Feminine had started to understand the journey to Union had to first occur within herself.  Her belief had previously been that it was about reconnecting with her Beloved!  Now, she knew this was not the purpose of the separation.


The Sacred Space Between…

treetwinsThe purpose of the separation was to create space between the Two, so each could deepen their relationship with themselves and the Divine.  She now understood that “Union” actually meant harmonious union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects of and within themselves! Which meant that healing had taken place and unconditional love felt within and for each individual had occurred.  Until this took place, union with each other was unlikely.  If it were to happen, it would be disastrous and only temporary, possibly creating a further potentially permanent and painful separation to occur!

Her Love Remains True…

As her understanding of the process increased, she felt a new-found sense of joy for her Twin.  She had always wanted to know he would heal from the emotional, childhood and ancestral wounds he had experienced in this and previous lifetimes.  Her love for him remained and her love for herself began to emerge.

She started to realise how much love was available to her once she connected to the Divine Love from the One True Source!  With this realisation, she felt a deeper sense of comfort, knowing that this love was permanent, unconditional and always available to her whatever she was up to in 3D!  What a breakthrough!

Her discoveries have inspired her to help others along the way.  Their conversations revolved around if they had actually met their True Twin or not, and opened a door to a whole other level of understanding and knowledge.

Continuing the Journey…

goddessThis journey is formed of many parts.  The stage the Divine Feminine is experiencing (at the time of writing) is one of wonder, joy, peace and calm.  Knowing she is always loved and held in high esteem by the Divine, guided, supported and cherished for all she does for the Ascension and Unity of each Twin so they can fulfil their Mission, fills her heart with a new found sense of appreciation for her Twin and for the “Separation.”

This journey, and yours, is unfolding exactly as it was Divinely Destined to!

Be patient dear reader and connect with the Divine within You!

You are Loved!

Twin Flame Coach



The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

This article is taken from The Spirit Science website.

twin_flame_connectionCurrently, the understanding of a twin flame and a soul mate are being used interchangeably. Giving the notion, that there isn’t an inherent difference between a soul mate relationship and a twin flame union. But as we raise our vibration and increase our conscious awareness, we begin to see the major differences between soul mates and twin flames.

This understanding would not have been previously available to us in the last two decades and it is only because of this evolution of consciousness, that we see the difference between the two connections.

Soul Mates

A soul mate is someone who is in harmony with you. Someone who resonates with your own energy and someone you create with.
Soul mates are known to be from different soul groups, allowing for tremendous growth. They can serve as heart center catalysts to open you up and assist you in your ascension process and will assist you in your souls spiritual evolution.

Soul mate relationships have the primary purpose to further learning by adopting new traits, sharing and growing together in love and harmony.

A soul mate is united to you when you reach the point of maturity, where you are ready to enter into a real and true relationship of the soul.

Twin Flames

TwinSoul4Twin flames are a much different story, and we are seeing more and more twin flames reigniting; coming together again, for their own very special and unique purpose.

There are only a small number of twin flames who have incarnated here on the planet, and their missions were set before their arrival.

Standing together, masculine and feminine energies, separated, but were once as one. Twin flames are from the same soul group and have the same energetic blue print. The yin to your yang and the dark to your light.

Your twin flame is YOU.

The Stages of a Twin Flame Union

Upon first contact with your twin flame, you may feel a familiarity between you as if looking at yourself in the mirror. Yet, it is only your subconscious, your higher self, that knows the truth and until you have danced the twin flame dance, you may remain unaware.

The Dance

The dance begins with fireworks, playfulness and immense creativity, reverberating back and forth between the two of you as you explore each others energy. Your energy, the familiar yet unfamiliar radiance shared.

Through this connection the meaning of love and understanding reaches new heights that you didn’t even think were possible. Exploring, sharing laughing and enjoying this bubble love.

Yet, soon before you are even ready for it, the bubble bursts. Leaving one broken-hearted and the other confused.

Runner and the Chaser

twin-flame-telepathic-connectionOne twin will run, unable to handle the energy, unable to face the partner any longer because what the twin sees, is himself in the face of another. An independent pair, yet a single being mirrored.

Harsh and immediate separation is sure to follow as they both plummet into the dreaded Dark Night of The Soul, where grief and sorrow await.

A deep healing is needed for both twins and once the separation has taken place it deals death to the soul.
Sending the twins down the path of enlightenment, ascension and much-needed healing.

Each twin learns that they are already whole, no longer needing or wanting the affection of the other in order to feel whole. Yet, until this realization and acceptance, the twins will remain separate to balance their own masculine and feminine energies.

During this separation the twins may share visions, dreams and prophecies. As well as unexplained synchronicities, giving much-needed guidance and assurance.

What’s Meant to Be Will Be

Letting go, is the key to reuniting with your twin.

angelic-ascension-merkaba-lightbodyAccept that everything is exactly as it should be and in time, you will reflect back upon this feeling of separation and understand why it needed to happen.

By establishing your own strength and confidence, you make yourself whole. No one can ever complete you, you are already complete. Do not search outside of yourself, everything you need is already within you.

In this search, you will find a knowing that physical separation is merely an illusion. You are never separate.  For you two, who are one, are never really apart. So have faith!

“Your present situation is not your final destination, the best is yet to come!”

What are the differences between soul mates and twin flames?


lakeandmountainsMeditate.  Heal.  Go Within.

Wisdom received many years ago.  Practiced yet not fully experienced.  Stepping into once again.  Darkness becomes light.

Soul path.  Soul journey.  Meeting friends along the way who connect in ways others do not.  Opening to receive, can be joyful, can also be painful.  Being present, words used a great deal in these times of awakening, more to be said about that than can never be fully appreciated until actually accomplished.

Sitting still.  Fidgeting.  Frustrated with self and unable to calm the busy mind.  Beating self up mentally and emotionally.  Prevents the love from within to radiate around.  Calmness ensues eventually, once the mind can be quietened.


Button mushrooms.  Oh, that got your attention.  Yes, it’s not when everything is going swimmingly that you transform.  It is when things happen out of the blue, unexpectedly.  Not to run away from.  To walk towards and become friends with.

Jesus spoke about loving everyone.  How easy it is to love those who are nice and kind to you.  But those who irritate you and create tension, frustration and irksomeness, they are the ones who challenge your love.  This is when you realise the greatness of Love.

Listening to wise ones, helps you when you’re someone who is seeking answers.  Listening and reading books that provide stories and information of true transformation and loveing acceptance.  Also, sitting still and listening to Soul speak softly to you.  This information can become your source of inspiration.

When you allow yourself the time and space to hear this information, then take the action you’ve been inspired to take.  Then you will fully experience the true magnificence of the Higher Realms.

You know they are there.  You know the truth speaks to you from this place.  Yet, you avoid it.  You stay away from it.  It can’t be this easy surely.  To sit still.  Breathe.  Relax and listen.  Surely not.  This was not what we were brought up to believe.  We were brought up to believe we must work hard, be diligent and struggle.

Yet.  When allowing takes place and a calm ensues. You are free.  You are You.






Beginning the Journey Back

Initially the separation felt all encompassing.  Engulfed in pain and grief.  This moment of feeling the end had occured, brought such feelings of intensity and that all hope was gone.

Over the next few weeks, a sense of calm began to emerge and a keen desire to make sense of what had happened.  This can’t be it!  This doesn’t feel true.  Connected a knowing.  A deep feeling of knowing that there was more.  More to uncover.  More to discover.  More to experience.   More Healing.  More Love.

tree.walkingThis new born desire opened up something buried deep within.  Hidden from self and most certainly hidden from others.  A fear of realising the mission.  Taking on the challenge of a lifetime, indeed of many lifetimes. Discussed only with the Twin.

The mission must happen in this lifetime.  We have tried before and failed.  We made an agreement that we would see it through this time.  Each lifetime we have met.  Each lifetime we have connected.  But each time we have walked away.  Feeling that the mission was too much to cope with.

We decided that this time, we would see it through and then return to our spiritual selves.  No longer needing to incarnate in the physical realm.

We began to observe evidence of the spiritual support all around us.  When we were close to each other we would witness unexplainable events.  The Excitement.  The Joy.  The Love.  The Wonder!

Open so much to our Union.  To the magic of being together and knowing this time we would complete what we were here to do so many lifetimes ago.

Walks in nature helped deepen our awakening.  Our connection.

Laughing.  Talking.  Delving Deep into our selves and each other.  A journey of immense discovery of the true nature of love.  One that felt difficult to explain to others.  However, demonstrated by being ourselves.  Others felt it.  They saw it.

Separation has provided a space for both to heal.

Healing is taking place.  As one heals.  So the other heals.  As both heal so the world heals.

When not together, where does the Love go?

It continues.  It grows.  It deepens and it strengthens.

Remember Beloved.  Remember.


Let Go…

It is suggested that you unplug any potential distractions. Lay on your bed or sofa, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and allow this meditation to take you on a journey.

Let go.

Let your Higher Self connect with You!

Firesong Native American – by Kevin MacLeod

Healing During Separation

prayerInitially the separation felt unreal.  After a while it became real.  The emotions experienced were mainly lower vibration.  This became clear through reading, meditation and prayer.  Love can not be expressed or experienced from this place.

It has become clear that the purpose of this separation is for complete healing to take place for both individuals.  This is an unexpected turnaround.

Soul requires complete healing and reconnection.  Unless the healing takes place, it is unlikely.

What has been shown is the need for Self Love. This is an opportunity to sit quietly.  This is an opportunity to feel the emotions and work through them.  Not to run away from them.  Not to feel afraid of them.  Not to ignore them.  Not to pretend they are not being experienced.

This is a time for Real Healing.  For really going inward and facing the darkness, sitting in the shadows and waiting.  Something most people avoid.  This is to be avoided at all costs because it is so painful. Yet it is the one thing that will bring about the healing and the feeling of self love that is so needed in this Union.

bridgeoverstreamThoughts are brought to the wonderful film “What Dreams May Come.”  A film with Robin Williams.  It deals with death and what happens afterwards.  It shows the possibilities that true love can create.  It is poignant in its simplicity.  Colourful, humorous, emotional.  It highlights the strength required to get through the darkness and into the light.

Sitting with these emotions, when the desire is to feel good, to feel love, to feel joy,  seems counterintuitive.  Yet, somehow, there is great comfort in feeling the truth of them.  There is no anger, there is no hatred, there is no resentment.  There is only Love.  Yet how can that be, when you are both separated?

Sitting in meditation yesterday, still, silent, breathing and being.  A desperate wanting to run away.  A feeling of yearning, longing.  Wanting to make sense of a seemingly senseless situation.  Answers began to show up.

The message received this is a period that is meant to happen.  This is a period that is predestined.  This is a period that has been God given.  God gave us this relationship.  God wants us to make sure we are the truth of who we are in Union.  God wants us to nurture it and to long for it, so that when we resume in togetherness, we will take care of it.  God wants us to be a Beacon of Love for others.  We will look after it in ways that were not possible before, because it was taken for granted.  It felt so good for so long.  So this separation needed to occur.

Doesn’t make it any easier.  Doesn’t make the pain any less.

Stepping into the truth of this mission to Be Love and demonstrate love.  This is why we are here and why we are paired.

The work is done in Union as well as in Separation.

There is no separation.

eagleTrust that God is guiding everything.  All is well.  All is working out for His Divine plan.  He knows what he is doing.  He trusts that we will do what we are here to do.  He needs to make His voice heard.

The inner journey is required to deepen the understanding.  To deepen the experience.  To really know the fullness of this Mission.

To be able to Love one another, Self Love is essential.  To be able to receive Love from another.  Self Love is essential.  Not a false sense of self love.  A Real Self Love.  What does that look and feel like if it has never been experienced?  How can it be felt and experienced?  How will it become clear that Self Love is the new way of being if one does not recognise it?  How will it feel?

Lifting up our hearts to God to seek answers.  Asking God for guidance.  Asking God to show the way.  Asking God to teach what  needs to be learned.  Asking God for the courage to go through this in service of others.  Thanking God for trusting Us with this work.  Trusting Us to do what He needs Us to do.

Love Myself as He Loves Me!

Love Yourself as he Loves You!


The Journey Within

meditationOver the years,  a lot has been said about the Inner Work.  This part of your personal journey can not be underestimated.  Without doing the work, you will continue to repeat mistakes from your past.  Either your past lives, or your past in this lifetime.

What has become clear, is the importance of connecting with your Inner Self and healing those parts of you that prevent you from being in loving relationship and union.

There are many Healers and Guides who can help you to do this. Some of these Souls show up in your life as people who challenge you, ironically, these are the Souls who provide you with huge opportunity to grow!

When you think of your relationships with others as the mirrors that reflect back to you who you really are, when someone shows up who triggers negatives within you, then this is an indicator of the work that you need to complete.  We often think these are the people we must avoid at all cost.

Instead of running away from this person, look within and ask yourself in the moment “Where have I been like this?”  “What is this person showing me about myself?”  When you are able to connect with the truth that is being shown you, there in that space, you grow.  It doesn’t mean you have to continue a relationship with that person, it just means there is an opportunity for you to heal a part of yourself that you haven’t been aware of that needs healing and can begin to love that part of yourself in a way you haven’t been able to before.

There is so much to learn about yourself when you are in union with your beloved.  The challenges, the good days the not so good days.  Each of you have a responsibility to yourself and to the other, to bring your best self to the scene.  How do you do that when you haven’t had a model in your life that shows you how?

We are in a beautiful time in our evolution.  There is so much wisdom being shared online right now.  Many people across the globe are reaching into themselves and providing the growth for the planet.  As we grow as individuals, we help heal the planet.  As we grow in our relationships, our energy is multiplied and we can do even greater things to soothe our Souls and Heal the World.

Open up to yourself.  Delve deep within. Seek guidance from your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self.  When you take time to quieten your mind, powerful conversations can occur.  For you to hear these conversations, you must give yourself the space to feel into your own Higher Intelligence.

At first, you may want to run way from yourself.  There have been times when we have tried to run away from ourselves and medicated our bodies with alcholol, drugs and other addictive behaviours.  Taking time out to connect withYou, is essential for the betterment of your personal experience and for your relationship not only with your Twin, but also with other people in your life.

We thank those who have come forward to share their wisdom, experience and knowledge of their Twin Flame journey.  This has helped us grow as individuals as well as Soul Healers.

Our work has just begun. Our work is not complete yet.  We are here for our own personal evolution and we are here for the healing of the Soul of the World.

Becoming aware of this has been painful to a certain degree, but it has also been enlightening to know that we are here to serve a Higher Purpose.

We connected Spritually.  We connected Energetically.  Then we connected Physically.  We were not equipped, until now, with the necessary knowledge and wisdom to survive and thrive in our union.  Only when the separation occured did this information show up.  This is perfect.

We now have what we need to grow even further, and learn to love each other in ways we weren’t able to before.  Our Love for ourselves, then our love for each other, then our love for the Planet.  This is why we have come together in this physical lifetime.



Healing Chills

jillandremiListening to the soothing voices and loving energy of Jill and Remy, I have felt comforted knowing there is a solution to the separation.  Hearing their wisdom and calming words, helps ease the pain of the disconnection.

There is a realisation that there really is no disconnect, and that what is actually happening is a deep cleansing and healing taking place.  One which is unlikely through basic therapeutic methods.

tropical-cyclone-catarina-1167137_1280It makes sense that recovery from the separation would require some Soul Cleansing.  There are deep wounds experienced by both Twins.  Most of these wounds are buried deep in the subconscious.  There is a lack of awareness and understanding on both sides of the Twin Flame Union.

Without encountering these two special beings, the chance for reunion would perhaps not exist.  However, their compassion and desire to help has brought them into my awareness.  Thus making it all possible to learn and grow with this painful experience.

Listening to others who discuss relationships over the years has been highly beneficial.  It is what brought me to the place of discovering the way to manifest the Twin Flame in the first place.

A deep knowing ensued that the only relationship my soul wanted to experience, was one with my Twin.  I decided I was not going to settle for anything other than a deep, spiritual connection with someone who truly was the one I was meant to be with.  When this happened, there was a strong knowing and recognition from both of us.  This triggered all kinds of memories and we both knew we had met before.

Our relationship was blissful.  Our Union ease made us believe it would always be like this. When the turbulance hit, we weren’t prepared.  There was no information available that taught us what to do.  We weren’t aware we would be hit so hard.  When we were, our worlds came crashing down.

We sought refuge in the only way our souls knew.  Separation.

sun-seaThe pain of separation brought one of us to seek answers.  these answers came thick and fast.  At first they were of 3D world thinking.  Then some spiritual stuff came through. Eventually some Universal wisdom managed to surface, this provided much relief and solace.  However, a deeper soul knowing made it clear that even this information was not quite hitting the sweet spot.  More was to come.  When it did, Soul recognised it.  Soul knew this was the information it had been seeking.  The truth caused Spirit Shudders.  The release was tangible and powerful.  Tears.  Chills.  A Release of mammoth proportions exited the physical body.  A healing took place and a new awareness ensued.