Beginning the Journey Back

Initially the separation felt all encompassing.  Engulfed in pain and grief.  This moment of feeling the end had occured, brought such feelings of intensity and that all hope was gone.

Over the next few weeks, a sense of calm began to emerge and a keen desire to make sense of what had happened.  This can’t be it!  This doesn’t feel true.  Connected a knowing.  A deep feeling of knowing that there was more.  More to uncover.  More to discover.  More to experience.   More Healing.  More Love.

tree.walkingThis new born desire opened up something buried deep within.  Hidden from self and most certainly hidden from others.  A fear of realising the mission.  Taking on the challenge of a lifetime, indeed of many lifetimes. Discussed only with the Twin.

The mission must happen in this lifetime.  We have tried before and failed.  We made an agreement that we would see it through this time.  Each lifetime we have met.  Each lifetime we have connected.  But each time we have walked away.  Feeling that the mission was too much to cope with.

We decided that this time, we would see it through and then return to our spiritual selves.  No longer needing to incarnate in the physical realm.

We began to observe evidence of the spiritual support all around us.  When we were close to each other we would witness unexplainable events.  The Excitement.  The Joy.  The Love.  The Wonder!

Open so much to our Union.  To the magic of being together and knowing this time we would complete what we were here to do so many lifetimes ago.

Walks in nature helped deepen our awakening.  Our connection.

Laughing.  Talking.  Delving Deep into our selves and each other.  A journey of immense discovery of the true nature of love.  One that felt difficult to explain to others.  However, demonstrated by being ourselves.  Others felt it.  They saw it.

Separation has provided a space for both to heal.

Healing is taking place.  As one heals.  So the other heals.  As both heal so the world heals.

When not together, where does the Love go?

It continues.  It grows.  It deepens and it strengthens.

Remember Beloved.  Remember.