Healing Our Union

Since our separation began earlier this year, the Divine Feminine has journeyed through some tough terrain.  Initially, the pain felt so intense that it felt unbearable.  Spirit guided information and wisdom to reveal itself so that the essential healing could begin to take place.  The healing that is essential not just for each twin, but also for the Union itself.

Realisations have occurred to unlearn relationship traditions and misperceptions about love.  The awakening has been like a new birth of understanding and opening within like a new flower blooming, a caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis and into a butterfly.  The apparent pain and trauma, surfaced the childhood wounds that were lying dormant, waiting for the much needed catalyst to burst open the wound for a deeper level of healing.  A more lasting sense of completion and healing to take place.

2016 has been a tough year for many people, but in particular for those who have identified they are connected to their twin.  for twins who have already connected in 3d physical and experiencing a separation, this year has been one of transformation, intuition, healing and completion.  Stepping into the Mission in a bigger way required wisdom, willingness, clearing and a new template to be learned.  Removing the old patterns meant that some Growing pains were felt and some resistance made the learning that much tougher.

Relaxing into the newness of the Love discovery, meant that the Divine Feminine could lead the healing for both twins.  The Divine Feminine within connected and reunited with the Divine Masculine within.  thus making it more concievable that the Union could once again reconcile. 

The learning showed that the desired reconciliation was not merely about the reconciliation with the other.  The reconciliation was mainly about the reuniting of the fragmented self, broken from before physical birth in this lifetime and then from the childhood wounds, piled up with the wounds from school, employment, relationships and other experiences that created a sense of brokenness. 

The recognition of self, the identification of the real self began a healing of mammoth proportions unexpected and unprepared for.  Spirit guided the healing.  spirit guided the information.  Spirit guided the connection to others who are on a similar journey.  The connection with others has helped heal the Aloneness created in a world where the Twin Flame Union is misunderstood and overrepresented by a community which at times feels like a bandwagon.  Those on it, perhaps not truly in Twin Flame Union. 

True Guides, Teachers and Healers have stood the test of time and have continued to uplift, inspire, support and help heal the Separation.  Providing Twins with information and guidance to help them to continue and not give up,  especially at times when it felt impossible and futile.

The gratitude felt by the Divine Feminine is so immense for these Brave Dear Beloveds, who tirelessly give their services with compassion and empathy.  Without those who have walked the path and shared their stories so others can feel connection, it would have been additionally difficult to get to a place of relaxation and awareness of what this journey has truly been about.

Healing the Soul of the World is the Mission declared by the Divine Feminine and the one who writes this message.  The Divine Masculine has shied away from the Mission and it is understandable, as it is a huge undertaking for anyone who relates to being Human.   The Higher Self, The True Self, The Divine Being that the Divine Masculine is, recognises the fear he feels.  He has requested time to be alone.  He communicated it poorly and sent the Divine Feminine into a Tailspin that created a whirlwind of emotion to surface. 

At first seeming like the end of her world, eventually becoming an opportunity for emotional healing and transformation to take place.  it now feels like a new space of life has emerged and new wonder has spoken to her heart.  Her curiosity and love for her Twin has resurfaced and she feels a strong connection with him that only she can understand, even at times when she doesn’t understand.  Her Soul knows.  It is true.  They are meant to be together.  The messages point to them reuniting.  They have shared many lifetimes.  They acknowledged this information during their first few years of being together in this physical reality.  They acknowledged their Mission with each other during Soul and Heart to Heart talks. 

Their feeling of Oneness brought them closer and closer to each other, yet the enormity of their Union’s Purpose, was what broke them apart.  It had to be this way.  It was always going to happen.  It was Divinely orchestrated to demonstrate the strength of their Love.  The Divine Feminine reached out many times to check in to see if the Divine Masculine was ready to reunite.  Her frustration at times made her feel doubt about their Union.  His shutting her out made her feel like he no longer wanted her in his life and made her feel desperately alone.  But Spirit brought others into her circle, so she could feel the support of Angels around her.  these Beings of Light taught her that even while separated from her Twin, others were there who needed her to be strong.  Others were there to help lift her spirit when it felt weak and hopeless.

The chance for Reunion is only over when the Twins completely give up.  The loss to each Soul is felt by the Collective.  The Collective reaches out and shares even more new information to support and uplift the Twin who is doing the work to heal the Union.  As one heals, the other heals.  As both heal the Collective heals.  As the Collective heals, humanity heals.

We are here for each other.  Never Give Up!


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