Healing Chills

jillandremiListening to the soothing voices and loving energy of Jill and Remy, I have felt comforted knowing there is a solution to the separation.  Hearing their wisdom and calming words, helps ease the pain of the disconnection.

There is a realisation that there really is no disconnect, and that what is actually happening is a deep cleansing and healing taking place.  One which is unlikely through basic therapeutic methods.

tropical-cyclone-catarina-1167137_1280It makes sense that recovery from the separation would require some Soul Cleansing.  There are deep wounds experienced by both Twins.  Most of these wounds are buried deep in the subconscious.  There is a lack of awareness and understanding on both sides of the Twin Flame Union.

Without encountering these two special beings, the chance for reunion would perhaps not exist.  However, their compassion and desire to help has brought them into my awareness.  Thus making it all possible to learn and grow with this painful experience.

Listening to others who discuss relationships over the years has been highly beneficial.  It is what brought me to the place of discovering the way to manifest the Twin Flame in the first place.

A deep knowing ensued that the only relationship my soul wanted to experience, was one with my Twin.  I decided I was not going to settle for anything other than a deep, spiritual connection with someone who truly was the one I was meant to be with.  When this happened, there was a strong knowing and recognition from both of us.  This triggered all kinds of memories and we both knew we had met before.

Our relationship was blissful.  Our Union ease made us believe it would always be like this. When the turbulance hit, we weren’t prepared.  There was no information available that taught us what to do.  We weren’t aware we would be hit so hard.  When we were, our worlds came crashing down.

We sought refuge in the only way our souls knew.  Separation.

sun-seaThe pain of separation brought one of us to seek answers.  these answers came thick and fast.  At first they were of 3D world thinking.  Then some spiritual stuff came through. Eventually some Universal wisdom managed to surface, this provided much relief and solace.  However, a deeper soul knowing made it clear that even this information was not quite hitting the sweet spot.  More was to come.  When it did, Soul recognised it.  Soul knew this was the information it had been seeking.  The truth caused Spirit Shudders.  The release was tangible and powerful.  Tears.  Chills.  A Release of mammoth proportions exited the physical body.  A healing took place and a new awareness ensued.


New Discoveries

nature-fashion-person-womanExperience of a Twin Flame relationship can be both thrilling and challenging simultaneously.  The often painful dance that takes place between the two, especially when it goes undiscussed and unconscious, can cause tremendous pain and unecessary suffering.  The work of this pairing is essential for the betterment of humanity, it is not to be taken lightly, but can be immensely rewarding when it is fully understood and enjoyed.

The personal experience here has been one of tremendous Personal and Spiritual Growth.  There is a desire and need for each individual to take responsibility for his or her part in the Union.  When this is achieved, the relationship can thrive.  The mission can be fulfilled and the community around it, can benefit.

The flame is undying.  It burns bright even during separation.  The pain of separation can be calmed by knowing the togetherness of each twin remains, even while apart.

We have experienced numerous separations.  Sometimes unintentional, sometimes caused by a lack of understanding of the other.  During those separations, further knowledge of the pairing has been learned.  When it hasn’t been put into place when reconnection occurs, a further separation has taken place.

Powerful spiritual information finds its way to one or both Twin.  This is a time for repair and healing.  The essential work to be done for humanity requires the Twins to have recovered sufficiently, learn what there is to learn and reunite in a brighter and better way than before.  Then the work can truly begin to help heal the planet.

In our experience, I have learned that it is important to remain Loving towards my Twin, even when the other has behaved in a way that challenges My sense of self.  The other person in this pairing, is me.  Therefore, the only way I can be reunited is by loving wholly,  by loving myself and focusing loving energy towards my twin.

This journey has brought all kinds of opportunities for healing.  These opportunities may have not been fully understood, and perhaps the chance for deeper healing has been missed.  However, as we are still incarnate in this lifetime, there is plenty of time and space for this healing to still take place and for the work to continue within the relationship for ourselves as spiritual beings in physical form, as well as for the rest of society.

This is an ongoing series of unfolding and expansion. One that I take on with joy and wonder.


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